The core areas of our business consulting activities are:

  • Corporate analyses und plan calculations
  • Valuations of companies
  • Financing concepts
  • Controlling systems, reporting
  • Risk and opportunities management systems
  • Reorganization and restructuring
  • Business start-up consulting
  • Selection of managerial staff

A holistic, interdisciplinary consulting concept which gives precedence to entrepreneurial thinking and action requires effective business management advice. We continuously take your economic situation into account for all our consulting services. Only when you are familiar with your corporate figures are you in a position to identify changes and a need for action and react in timely manner with the right concepts. We support you in all business phases: from the foundation to expansion and on to business transfers. We are also at your side in times of crisis and develop and assist your reorganization and restructuring concepts while continuously taking the general fiscal and legal conditions into account. We additionally assist you with your financing concepts and talks with the bank.

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