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These names are no strangers to us!

The e-commerce turnover of B2C in Germany has increased from 1.1 billion Euros per year in 1999 to 53.6 billion Euros per year in 2018. The prognosis for 2019 is 58.5 billion Euros per year (see Statista 2017).

Online retailing has become indispensable!

Online retailing basically does not function differently than trade 100 years ago – it is just much faster and global.

Accounting processes for online retailers are generally very elaborate. Between 1,000 and 10,000 outgoing invoices per month are very common. This is followed by the same number of incoming payments, while incoming invoices also must be taken into account. It is nearly impossible to process them manually and it would definitely be too expensive!

Therefore we have specialized in the efficient booking and assessment of business transactions in online retailing! Digitally monitoring outgoing invoices and incoming payments enables the detailed booking of all earning and expenditures typical of online retailing. This is a prerequisite for reliable business assessments.

Yet we focus not only on the efficient booking of business transactions. We also advise you on important issues in online retailing such as turnover tax or delivery threshold monitoring, in particular. Currently the fiscal authorities are targeting online retailers more and more. Company audits are increasingly revealing weaknesses in meeting accounting obligations. We can support you by efficiently booking your data in conjunction with target-oriented assessments as well as consulting services regarding taxation issues. This will help you to identify and eliminate weaknesses, while optimizing processes in your online business.

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