family companies

Do you have complex family and asset relationships?

Then a family partnership can be an ideal instrument for your forward-looking generation planning and succession planning. Particularly in the case of larger real estate and capital assets that are to be transferred to several successors with the desire to keep the family assets together and manage them uniformly even after a generation change, a family partnership - often also referred to as a family pool - is a suitable option. Compared to ordinary succession of property, a family partnership can have many advantages:

  • Asset protection
    • asset cohesion
    • Protection from breakup due to inheritance or divorce
    • Exclusion of those outside the family
  • Asset transfer and management
    • Gradual transfer of complex assets through simple transfer of corporate rights
    • Successive introduction of the next generation to responsibility for the assets
    • Securing asset control by the transferor even after transfer
    • Possibility of introducing different regulations for shareholder or family groups
  • Wealth taxation
    • Multiple use of personal allowances in inheritance and gift tax
    • Continuation as private assets for tax purposes
    • Shifting income to family members to reduce income tax burden

Common legal forms are GbR, the KG and the asset-managing GmbH & Co KG.

The decisive factor for the design of a family partnership is always your individual starting position. We offer you a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of your individual case and develop a “tailor-made” structuring recommendation for you, which takes into account all relevant legal, tax and business aspects and thus leads to sustainable viable solutions.

A generational change is always a challenging process, and to ensure that it is successful for you. We are at you side. We will guide you through the discussions with your family members, concept implementation, and ensure sustainable success as long-term advisors.