Insolvency services

The value of holistic management consulting becomes particularly apparent in critical phases of a company’s development. In the best case scenario, timely legal and economic governance processes can get the company back on track. Otherwise, Becker + Partner provides services for insolvency courts, insolvency administrators and creditors’ committees to relieve our clients. We are supported in this work by our state-of-the-art IT.

  • As an experienced team of auditors, lawyers, tax advisors, experienced insolvency accountants and ESUG consultants, we work on a project-related interdisciplinary basis.
  • Due to our extensive auditing work, we use state-of-the-art auditing methods and techniques.
  • We have many years of experience provinding expert evaluations.
  • The use of winsolvenz by STP enables direct communication with insolvency courts and insolvency administrators.

Our services in the scope of application of German insolvency law:

  • Cash audit pursuant to § 69 (2) InsO for creditors’ committees
  • Preparation of insolvency accounting using the software DATEV or STPwinsolvenz
  • Examination of the final account of the insolvency administrator
  • Examination of over-indebtedness and insolvency according to IDW S 11 (assessment of the existence of reasons for opening insolvency proceedings)
  • Preparation of reorganization concepts according to IDW S 6
  • Tax consulting and preparation of tax returns in insolvency
  • Preparation of financial statements in insolvency