Winning personalities

Open and active

It is just part of our DNA that our management is an active part of day-to-day operations. Our partners see themselves as co-pilots for their clients. We build long-term relationships based on trust. We advise openly and actively, and our solutions are customized and implementable.

Our consulting looks at the entrepreneurial processes of our clients as a whole, builds structures, and drives developments.

Our partners are highly qualified specialists with an action-oriented mindset and winning personalities.

Our team

Qualification and perspective

Our holistic management consulting requires a variety of different qualifications and experiences.

Our team consists of 50 employees at two locations in Dortmund and Altena, with 5 auditors, 5 lawyers, 15 tax consultants as well as business economists and other qualified specialists. From these, we form individually tailored teams of specialists, which are led and moderated by partners in active consulting.

We document the existing team spirit with joint events and undertakings. Our successes are always those of the whole team. We are aware of this.